Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who does Cornerstone Ranch target?
A. Cornerstone Ranch is a non-denominational, Christ-centered overnight camp for young people.

Q. What is the cost for each campers?
A. Nothing! This camp is totally FREE for each camper.

Q.How many people stay overnight in the bunkhouses?
A. Each bunk house sleeps 10 to 12 campers.  The bunkhouse is equipped with modern conveniences, such as full bath facilities, including hot and cold running water, ample electrical outlets, and abundant storage space for clothing.

Q. When do the campers pick their activities?
A. Campers will be divided into two groups and will participate in each activity for approximately an hour.

Q. Do you have a doctor in camp?
A. We have medical personnel on call at all times during camp.

Q. What is your campers range in age?
A. 12-18 Years of Age

Q. Do campers need extra money?
A. No. Food, drinks, and snacks will be provided free of charge.